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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's still a baby, but nonetheless, a little more open-minded than the old one. Although I dare say you'll notice a common theme or two developing...

Enjoy ;-)


That is all

Sunday, December 26, 2010

After much thought, I've decided to wrap up this blog.

I'll no doubt be returning to the blogosphere sometime in the New Year, but with a new identity and hopefully something a little more thoughtful and mature, containing much of what I've learned throughout my first spell in amongst you all.

This blog started out primarily as a platform to rant. But I've been through the anger stage now, or at least have it under control to a point where I'll only direct and unleash it at the right people.

In saying that though, I find it impossible to disagree with The Captain as to what the eventual solution will be.

Some say violence is the last resort of an immature mind. I say it boils down to who initiates it. There's nothing immature about standing up and defending yourself.

The state is good at initiating violence as the aggressor, is infinitely immature in its namecalling and ostracising of "heretics" and can violently kidnap you and lock you away based on what a couple of its apparatchiks in white coats merely say about you. It can steal from you, is happy to beat you to a pulp, enslaves your children and your childrens' children with debt, lies to you, and thinks it can dictate every last facet of your life even down to what you can and can't put into your own body. Which raises the question: who really owns you? And all this, without even mentioning the EU and two impossible-to-justify invasions of the Middle East.

The state and your monarch, in collusion with some of the biggest moneymen and powerbrokers in Britain, Europe and the world, started this rigged fight a long, long time ago. Any violence on our part now is merely defensive, and not a moment too soon, frankly. I've always been peaceable, but we will likely reach a time when being peaceable sees you either bludgeoned or imprisoned.

Until the big fight comes, I keep in my mind at all times that even sheep (and their closest relatives—Mr and Mrs Normal) stampede sometimes.

To finish off, many thanks to this blog's guest authors, and also to those who've taken the time to comment and read this stuff. It's been a pleasure having you all around.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas. And a happy 2011 to you and yours. I'll probably see you round some time.


How to get rich and kill people

Monday, December 20, 2010

I found the following video via Dick Puddlecote.

But it was interesting for me to not only see an eeeeevil sceptic highlighting the usual, laughable hypocrisy of the Believers and the profiteers, but also because he used their own, emotively driven style of argument against them.

And let's face it, that's what Fabians, Globalists and their owners have been doing for decades. Probably longer.

Not a bad effort, I thought:

It sits neatly with the hilarity of this article, sent in by a regular commenter (and I thank you).


Force can set you free

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Watch this. It looks tasty doesn't it? Almost delectable.


I dream it'll be us someday (and then some). And by "us", I mean those for a smaller government, not a bigger one. Not self-entitled Marxist, indoctrinating teachers or drunken Kappa-wearing "stoodents" and their equally Marxist, wheelchair-bound, swivel-eyed, spazzy brethren with "dodgy middle-stump" disease (see Jody McIntyre's alternative comedy act here).

On the one hand, I sympathise. They may be more akin to parasitic, blood-sucking leeches but they're still just about human. And let's not forget, they were made all kinds of promises, just the same as us. I'm not surprised they're getting shitty about them being broken.

But on the other hand, I struggle to sympathise with the sheer difference in attitude. They are demanding more, not less. They think it's their *right* to have the people like us fund their petty, Che Guevara t-shirt wearing, Starbucks-supping existences.

That's correct. Their *right* to override our *right* to keep the fruits of our own earnings. Their *right* to leach off it in order to indoctrinate our children and act as outreach workers for lazy Somali boat stealing wasters and Albanian pickpockets/gang rapists comes above all that (show me a lawfully self-sufficient Albanian and I'll show you my three foot cock and Dodge Viper SRT-10 breathing flames in mid-summer). Their *right* to help the lazy get lazier comes above all that.

Well, they wanted federalist government power. They can fucking reap it. Should've bought some chickens, candles, a pack of cards, and a shotgun.

It makes you think a lot about rights and mere privileges, doesn't it? I say, stamp on these bastards' fucking privileges whilst they persistently try to steal ours.

Our day will come. Not now, tomorrow, or next week. 2012 will be a big year. I have faith in it being a big year for us too.


Mel Gibson upsets Jews (again): Daily Wail all over it: shocker!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christianity? Fair game.

EDL (albeit Zionist)? Fair game.

Islam? Fair game.

Judaism? Oy vey!

Methinks the Daily Wail ought to do a little more research into the origins of the Cultural Marxism and usury it pretends to rail against on a daily basis.



Not dead...

Monday, December 13, 2010

...just very busy.

Having said that though, it pleases me that in my absence, a regular troll of Old Holborn's has been keeping my presence very much alive. Thanks, mate!

With regards to this whole middle class sons-and-daughters-of-school-governors police brutality malarkey, I tend to find myself in agreement with Rab. The lefty students who support the idea of Labour's ratcheting up of the bully state for 13 years are now the ones publicly on the receiving end of it. And are sadly far too dim to realise that their ideology is the cause. This is what happens when you give certificates to spastics with side partings (perhaps now we can see why Labour were so keen).

Although in saying that, those now forming the Cleggeron Coagulation hardly conveyed the most vocal of opposition in past years, so let those fuckers take their share of the blame too. And the creepy hangers-on defending them.

But I digress. They may be indoctrinated, but seeing them getting a roughed up just doesn't affect me one iota, given what their more militant counterparts stand for.

If these are the brains of the future, then God help us. Not one voice opposed to high taxation, endless foreign aid, quangoes, bureaucracy, illegal wars, benefits 'n' housing for immigrants who've never worked here and don't even bother to learn the lingo, or our strictly democratic membership of the EU. All of which I dare say a significant amount of these stoodents would probably support, for no other reason than they've been told to support them.

Is this what we want? A generation of dipshits who do as they're told by suits? I thought they were rebels. Ha!

After apparently skipping all that, it's just gimme gimme gimme. Gimme the scraps thrown off the Big Table by the Elite, stolen from ordinary, tired, hardworking people (minimum wage earners too) at pain of violence and kidnap by the Almighty State they constantly demand "does something" to pay for degrees in flower arranging and golf club management. Well, now the Almighty State is doing something. It's YOUR turn now, crusties.

I fully expect to be hit with the argument that it'll be "my turn next". It will be anyway. It'll be everyone's turn at some point. It's what the students, the SWP and the trade unions wanted. But let us without big-governmental sin cast the first stone, eh?

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. If a Marxist Utopian police state wasn't what a disproportionate amount of them wanted I might have some sympathy. But they do and I don't.

Sometimes, people just have to learn the hard way. Although I do admit, I have an interest in anyone holding their government to account (and sorely regret the crusties not doing serious damage to the Jug-Eared Prince and his Bit[ch]). I just wish it wasn't this lot doing it. It's entirely party political and principle can go and whistle, seemingly.


Just plain cynical

Monday, November 29, 2010

There are many pieces that make up the puzzle of the mess we find ourselves in.

Everyone from the Rothschilds (the most inbred family in the world; by their own "rules") to GlaxoSmithKline Pharma to Arab and Russian oil tycoons to other assorted wealthy corporatists.

But this Wikileaks thing just has something "mainstream" about it. Insofar as the mainstream are talking about it. Endlessly.

We know what authoritarian governments do when they REALLY don't like something. They go hell for leather to eliminate it. And they usually succeed (barring a violent revolution—which they avoid by hypnotism via Strictly Cum X-Factor).

However, my own cynicism is not a good enough reason not to read this. It's comprehensive and an excellent read.

What do you think of it all?


How very strange!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not sure if it's some sort of a spoof (I initially doubt it), but I found something very interesting via a comment by Katabasis over at Gotty's place.

EDL LGBT division.

Seems "minority rule" is slowly beginning to eat itself. Or rather, they've noticed an unpleasant smell creeping into the peace n love lounge from the cool culti kitchen. Who'da thunk a bunch of football firms would be more accommodating to bum bangers and gash guzzlers than the Bow Street Massive?

But I think I'll wait and see. I trust nothing until I see it happening. And I'm sober. And I get it on film. And watch it a few times. With witnesses.

But this is one squabble I'd get popcorn for (question: can handbags issue Fatwas?).


Just HOW FAR would these people go?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I found the following article via AngryTeen.

The naked truth: The TSA can touch my junk anytime.

Seeing as the Grauniad are—for some strange reason—a bit prissy about anyone nicking any of their content, I'm not going to bother. I do have an intellectual advantage over them insofar as I do actually think, as opposed to merely doing and thinking whatever I'm told to by corrupt government/mega corp alliances.

It seems that the emotive-persuasive angle of the article goes along the lines of "Well, TSA screener workers don't like it either, so that makes it OK".

Luckily, AngryTeen has done a lot of the research so we don't have to, which includes tracking down the below video. And if emotive-persuasive reasoning is what the Grauniad and its bosses want, that's how we'll play it here too.

Have a butchers. But don't watch it too many times or else the author of the CiF piece (a Richard Adams) will probably call for you to be arrested and killed Halal-style on the off-chance you might be a paedophile:

The CiF piece is an incredible obfuscation which takes us through the age-old political tribalism, namecalling, "nothing to hide, nothing to fear", the inevitable cry of "racist!" at those who either detract or, more importantly, compliantly follow along with the entirely MSM-driven "it were them Muzzies what dunnit" narrative. He appears to be confusing himself more so than us.

Read the piece. It's incredible, and is a masterclass in left-liberal doublethink. Simply put, Richard Adams appears to be going for a job in government. Or at least a free lunch or two.

May the chef spit and spunk in it.


British students "xenophobic"

I thought they'd just about beaten all semblance of life out of this one. But it seems not.

The article strongly alludes to the fact that British students don't want to study abroad because they hate, well, all of abroad. And this is because of colonial mastery, apparently.

A "colonial mastery", which as we know from the constant guilt trips, didn't involve going abroad at all. It was all done from the comfort of the classic leather sofa neatly juxtaposed to a 50-inch widescreen telly spewing out propaganda like this. In Dagenham.

Therefore, if you don't want to travel the globe or leave your family behind, spending—and more importantly, borrowing—lots of money to do so, I'm afraid you're a racist.

Leon Trotsky lies laughing in his grave. If it wasn't overseas and I wasn't such a xenophobe, I'd gob on it.


One World

Saturday, November 20, 2010

As noted by Trooper Thompson, and with key quotes transcribed by Goodnight Vienna, this NWO tool never misses an opportunity to cite "global governance".

It's a short clip but in assessing the key words and the frequency of their mentions, it's hard not to ignore the topic.

Make of it what you will!


Being a minority in your own country: does it matter?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Via Norton Folgate, I learn that Mrs Dale was asking something similar to the following on his radio show yesterday. If you heard it and got a different impression, feel free to correct me in the comments.

This seemed to be the gist:

Does it matter if you are a minority in your own country, if you do see it as a problem, what does that say about you?

Well, yes it does matter, Iain. It matters greatly. Not least for someone of your persuasion, seeing as you'd be burned alive, have brick walls pushed on top of you, and be cursed to eternal damnation and a lifetime of pain by the cultures you seem to think aren't causing much of a problem growing here.

You're not likely to get beaten to death and set alight for thrusting your manky maggot up some chump's trapdoor in your own home within Britain's hideously white communities. And you know this Iain, because that's where you choose to live and live well. Try throwing one of your paddies in the backstreets of Harlesden or Upton Park.

It does matter. Even more so to Iain and his minority than it does to me. That is, if it's a matter of survival and escaping persecution, which from his constant hissies we assume he's trying to do (and then some!) in a not-so-macho sort of a manner.

Growing Third World cultures gets you the Third World. That's why the Third World is as it is (because it's full of Third Worlders who do what they do regardless of aid or "benefits"). And of course, that's saying nothing of what he appears to be actually asking, which some may interpret as being more along the lines of:

Is it OK to slowly wipe out the English, the Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish? And if not, what does that say about you, you bigot!

To which I retort with:

Is it OK to wipe out the Bangladeshis or the Nigerians by making them minorities in their own countries via mass, engineered immigration of white Europeans into those nations?

And you say:

Of course it's not! You racist!

And I agree.

I'm not sure if he was playing devil's advocate here, and it's perfectly possible he was merely provoking discussion. He's an attention seeker if nothing else and it really wouldn't surprise me.

But if not, for anything like a libertarian philosophy to prevail, you need a population that is largely geared to policing themselves as individuals and behaving in a civilised, motivated, non-violent, non-persecuting manner.

And that's the West, I'm afraid. The West that wasn't built up by Bangladeshis, Ghanaians, Somalians or Nigerians, no matter what the BBC says. And to emphasise some irony for Iain, the West that affords him the privilege of publicly parading his homosexuality without being murdered wasn't built up by witch doctors, warlords, pirates, Moldovan people traffickers or Imams.

I'm very aware that this doesn't apply to all incomers or their offspring. And to those who do wish to embrace our culture, I say "great". They'll never be British just as I'll never be Persian or Slavic, but fair play and I'm more than welcoming (although I'm equally aware that there are simply too many people here. Way too many...)

However, for that to happen, there does need to be a distinct and dominant culture prevailing. And the closest thing to that is the culture that built this place. The determination and self reliance that did so. Not a squawking bunch of divided minorities (of which Dale is one) who unite when it suits them to demand the government offer them protection at great cost to everyone else's wallet and liberty. That's the antithesis of libertarianism.

The road to libertarianism starts by facing cold hard truths, and not sugar coated lies. It means escaping Goebbels' lie theory that sums up today's media to the disrespect of those who died with half a dozen boiling hot bullets in them thinking they were defeating it. It means simply using your own eyes and ears.

The question remains however, how many people are prepared to do that? My guess is plenty. But only when the power cuts and food shortages come.

A pity.

UPDATE: ArtCo has identified a different angle to Iain Dale's question.


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