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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not sure if it's some sort of a spoof (I initially doubt it), but I found something very interesting via a comment by Katabasis over at Gotty's place.

EDL LGBT division.

Seems "minority rule" is slowly beginning to eat itself. Or rather, they've noticed an unpleasant smell creeping into the peace n love lounge from the cool culti kitchen. Who'da thunk a bunch of football firms would be more accommodating to bum bangers and gash guzzlers than the Bow Street Massive?

But I think I'll wait and see. I trust nothing until I see it happening. And I'm sober. And I get it on film. And watch it a few times. With witnesses.

But this is one squabble I'd get popcorn for (question: can handbags issue Fatwas?).


Harbinger Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  


EDL Homosexual branch. Hmm...This will cause problem in the UAF you know. A toughie there for the UAF Rainbow Wrecking crew. I mean it's a choice of support the other Rainbow Wrecking crew of the EDL and more than probably get a partner out of it, or the Islamists who want to lop off your heads and turn the lesbians into baby making machines. I don't know you know. That's a real hard one. Add to that the Anti Zionists homos in the UAF and the pro Zionist homos in the EDL? Again a toughie. Hey maybe they can just all meet, have a massive gangbang and then get back to hitting one another with handbags and fists (gays and lesbians in that order).

The Talking Clock Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  

I think that it's a welcome development that, if this is a recognised section of EDL, that there is something that campaigns with "English" or "British" in the title of the organisation...

...which celebrates all English and British people who support their aims.

The English Democrats and the British National Party - and quite a few bloggers, it must be said - really ought to take note.

If this is where the English Democrats are headed, I for one applaud them.

I will also say that the LGBT community rallying and taking a stand against homophobia is nothing new. Peter Tatchell and other groups were at the forefront of taking on homophobia in rap music, for example.

Apparently, last night's BBC Panorama revealed the extent of homophobic teaching in Muslim schools - and it's quite logical that the LGBT community would make a stand against any group of people advocating the kind of things which (I'm reading) were uncovered in the BBC's programme.

As for "bum bangers and gash guzzlers"... shall I tell you in colourful terms what heterosexuals making love to someone who is not a virgin are doing? It's a bit graphic, but - the most family friendly way of making the reference - would be to say that involves stirring some other bloke's love juice...

Yuck all round. But we can all be incredibly vulgar when it comes to discussing sex and sexuality.

Corrugated Soundbite Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  

Harbers: I've got to admit, that to an extent, I'm finding it really intriguing to see which way the wind will blow with the LGBT community as they're considered so important in politics, despite other groups completely opposed to them being considered equally as important.

I still find it hard to support the EDL as they come across too much as controlled opposition. I always get the feeling that the football firms within will soon break away and go back to doing their own thing.

Also, now the EDL more or less has its own "Friends of Israel" wing, it's all starting to sound rather mainstream now.

Corrugated Soundbite Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  

TTC: In hindsight, I possibly did go a bit OTT with the graphics. Although I did think at the time it was quite close to the sort of lingo the football firm element might use, and I did try to include a pinch or two of sattire ;-)

I'm going to catch up on the Panorama episode later on via iPlayer (I don't have a TV). I shall be intrigued as to the angle the BBC approached it from.

Obviously, if I had to pick a side I'd choose the gay/lesbian contingient. They don't want to force me to pray five times a day and marry off my female relatives to four 70-year old goat herders each against their will.

It's an interesting swing. We still have the gay/lesbian/bi set within the UAF who'll charge the streets with their radical Islamic comrades as minorities have tended to stick together (even when totally opposed to one another) as a means to bash the majority.

Perhaps there's a slow realisation seeping through that the majority really aren't that bad after all. Whilst we're still the majority, that is...

Corrugated Soundbite Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  


What I should have said was "the LGBT set wouldn't marry off my female relatives to be one of four wives to a 70-year old goat herder against their will".

The Talking Clock Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  

Hey CS... I'm not worried about word selections to talk about sex. Sex is actually hilarious, irrespective of who you are doing it with - why not have it as a topic that we can all laugh about?

There's enough to be ruddy miserable about, after all.

I'll banter with anyone, provided that they can take the banter after dishing it out ;)

Harbinger Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  


"I will also say that the LGBT community rallying and taking a stand against homophobia is nothing new. Peter Tatchell and other groups were at the forefront of taking on homophobia in rap music, for example."

If people don't want to associate or agree with homosexuals and their practices then they have every right not to. It is a fascist state that enforces them to accept all and any. No one has the right to force their opinions upon you and sadly the LGBT community have been doing it for years. People will say it's abhorrent that you should judge people by their sexual persuasion or race, when I say it's abhorrent the things gay people do, not forgetting black African tribalism. Yet to say that I'm classed as having an irrational fear of homosexuals, when my rational explanation is they're abnormal in every sense of the word and here because of heterosexual activity, thereby destroying every reason for their existence.
More so, where was Tatchell when black gangsta rap was writing incredibly anti white lyrics? Yup, nowhere to be seen. Like all minorities, homosexuals stick together, hence why they're predominantly firm proponents of multicuturalism and globalism. They are the NWO's wet dream in the obliteration of society.

"As for "bum bangers and gash guzzlers"... shall I tell you in colourful terms what heterosexuals making love to someone who is not a virgin are doing?"

Sadly, thanks to American culture demolition of the west, predominantly the porn industry, owned and controlled by the Jewish/Zionist peoples of the USA, who seek nothing better than to obliterate western Christian ethos and the family, we are seeing far more lurid sex acts in heterosexuality, mirroring homosexuality - cunnilingus, felatio and Sodomy. However, that said, sodomy between a man and a woman can be looked upon as foreplay between before reproductive intercourse. The fact however that men do it to one another with no outcome whatsoever is an altogether different story. However, I believe that the promotion of continuing sodomy is merely a brainwashing and indoctrination of the public in the NWO's continuing promotion of a hetero-homo society, where neither will be classified as different and the eventual creation of a 100% bi-sexual society. After all, what leg do you have to stand on criticising homosexual men and women who perform exactly the same acts as you?

Reality is, young children are being given access to far more porn in order to corrupt them. They also have far more access to violent films and video games. The rating system is pointless when parents have no care in enforcing them.

Harbinger Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  


It's complete minority control. As you know it's something that I've written about many times. Should you employ non indigenous peoples in your land by putting them into positions of power with which to change your society, don't start complaining when it does and to you and your people's overall detriment. And there is no different whatsoever with the LGBT community. When you put them into power expect to see hellish persecution of the heterosexual majority and the overwhelming promotion of homosexuality. Hellish persecution of the majority would include far stricter crimes for GBH against a homosexual, than against a heterosexual.

Minority control is nothing more than totalitarian dictatorship and once that cunt Mandelson got into power, his hatred for heterosexuals was proven. Once the feminists got into power their hatred for masculinity was proven. And Blair was the cunt behind it all. His punishment should be nothing less than execution, preferably long and gruesome to mirror the damage he's done to the UK.

As for the EDL, well I'm still to write about them properly. I've breached on them partly but nothing more. And yes I can't get with them either, not because I'm not English, well my mother is, but simply becase they're, as you said, controlled opposition, 100% Zionist shills and ignorant fuckwits.
I've met Lionheart (Paul Ray). He's one of the people involved in it, a devout Christian Zionist and this is the crusades to him and most of them all over again. It's laughable quite frankly but understandable when one realises that these people are on the front line, a place where I've been. The thing as well is that Paul Ray, although his heart is in the right place is really an ignorant moron. He's patriotic but refuses to look at the facts and reality. He's so set in his way and anti Islam that he sees what he wants to regardless. It's like someone going into a bookshop. All they want to read is fantasy and have no desire in broadening their horizons. He hates Islam because of his history and he finds what he wants to finds and discards the rest, most often the overwhelming truth.

The EDL are there for a reason to stoke up the anti Islam tensions and the UAF are there to attack the EDL and support Islam and the minorities. They're [EDL] not a racist organisation, they're vehemently anti Islamic and no doubt there are people within the EDL who don't like non whites as well, but you can't brand a bucket of apples bad because of a few rotten apples.
It's all about creating a situation to bring about war. It's about creating a support base and it's coming along very nicely.

Dazed And Confused Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  

My opinion of this has taken shape in that, one more Islamic atrocity on the scale of 7/7, and I reckon that the EDL are gonna grow to stratospheric proportions.
No doubt politicians and the M.S.M., (especially the anti British BBC), will continue with the line that "Not all Muslims wish to live their lives according Saudi scripture". Yet in their own communities, the Muslims themselves rarely do anything about facing up to the fact, that their "religion of peace" has been hijacked by hard line militants, dead set on ostracising their fellow Mohammadians from all other walks of life.

These days, it's not particularly Choudary and his Muppet's that I pay attention too when these continuous demonstrations take place.
It's the UAF/SWP, screeching "Allah Akbar", that have now seeming decided that the only way that their "permanent revolution" will ever take shape, is to side for radical Islam (for now) and attempt to use the ghastly Islamists as their foot soldiers of choice, for Martin Smiths planned "glorious revolution"...

Do the Trots not take heed of what happened in pre revolutionary Iran, when they sided with Khomeini for fucks sake?

It seems that the gays are finally waking up to the fact, that not all politically correct mandates will continue to benefit them in the coming age....

Especilly in regards to a certain medieval cult.

Corrugated Soundbite Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  

TTC: I'm rather partial to a bit of banter myself. And of course, am aware that not only do I stir it around, I more or less knead it in too ;-)

Like Harbinger, I think it'd be a seriously fascist state who sought to force associations between those who don't want to associate. Likewise, it'd be a seriously fascist state that forced people to only have sex with certain people in a certain manner.

I think there's something in the excessive growth in the promotion of tongue sex, bum sex, spit-roasting, objects, pain, etc. And not just the money. Destruction of the traditional family unit was one of the core aims of the Cultural Marxists who sought to create a people who didn't know who they were, what they were, were perpetually confused and had no spiritual home and place in life.

Sex's ability to sell makes it a fantastic tool to help achieve this. Especially when you get them as children - and especially teens. Everyone knows the average teen (boys mainly) would rodger the back end off a tick-infested sheep in a rainstorm.

I tend to take people as I find them and am not particularly bothered if they're gay. Most of my friends are fat and ugly anyway, so I don't want to hear about their antic regardless of persuasion!

If someone's gay and attempting to force me to like the idea of homosexual sex, I'll soon tire of drinking with them as I don't try to force my preferences onto them.

The difference being of course (thanks to politics), that a gay person attempting to force me to accept their ideals wouldn't be classed as heterophobic, whereas when the roles are reversed I'd undoubtedly be considered a homophobe.

This is a direct result of minority rule. And it's this minority rule that provokes hatred from all the others who've been brainwashed into thinking that "government is the answer, and will look after our minority interest". And for anyone who's gay and a libertarian, this must obviously be extremely frustrating, and to an extent, rather upsetting. Likewise for anyone opposed to them.

To cut to the chase, I think I'm becoming more anarchic by the day.

Corrugated Soundbite Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  

Harbers: I've got another idea for Blair's final moments ;-)

You may disagree with me, but I do actually think he's a psychopath. If you look at his eyes in photos taken in the eighties, with him looking directly into the camera with no lights or distractions, you see a total absence of feeling or empathy whatsoever.

In which case, pain wouldn't be the same for him as it would be for you or I (much as I'd enjoy inflicting it).

For him, it's money and power. The way to get to him is to put him in a nice comfy chair and make him watch whilst you burn all his money. Not to mention his property portfolio. Then, for a handy finale, have his enablers and bosses walk into the room one after another and laugh at him when he's lost everything. Just like his declarations and actions have taken everything away from so many others.

Then, well, it's over to anyone who wants it! Preferably after a few days of him stuck in that chair being force fed and forced to think it over constantly.

If I never blog again, you'll know it's this comment that caused it ;-)

Corrugated Soundbite Tuesday, 23 November, 2010  

Dazed: I'd second it. Although I do think the EDL's growth and furtherance is in some people's interests (and I don't mean the EDL front liners living in the inner cities).

At the moment, from what I gather in my limited reading of EDL sources, the sentiment seems to be along the lines of "get our troops back now".

However, when something does occur to build them up to a level beyond their leaders' wildest dreams, will that explosion of interest change the sentiment completely?

As for the UAF, much like Trotsky and Lenin, they've identified Islamists as the useful footsoldiers to change the ideology and structure of society completely by means of aggression. Socialists were never peaceful types.

They run with Islamists shouting "Allah Akhbar" because Islamists are leading that particular charge at street level (under intense provocation). And I dare say the UAF/SWP "revolutionaries" know they'd look pretty weak if they didn't run alongside. People have noted they tend to go missing in the city centres when trouble kicks off after one of their "demo's".

Your point about Iran is highly relevant here. Those who do not learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it.

It's all going according to plan...

The Talking Clock Wednesday, 24 November, 2010  

CS- I'd be an utter liar if I tried to pretend that, for some people, that's probably true.

Generally speaking, I'd try to avoid such people because - in my view - they'd have become peope who can only exist by sticking labels all over themselves and adhering to adopted traits representive of those labels.

Even to talk to, I'd be bored within a sentence... because it's genuine, expressive individuality that I like in people.

Couldn't care less what you or they get up to sexually - though I'm sure that, if they were to get on with me through being an individual whose spirit can sing openly then, at some point, we could probably get on to discussing or having a damn good laugh about sex... as part of a discussion of all things that the person chooses to talk about as an individual.

But when it comes to such issues on sex and sexuality - and only speaking for myself because I am, after all, an individual...

I'm not comfortable with people sticking labels on it anyway.

I know how a female figure looks, moves and works.

I know how a male figure looks, moves and works.

Within both, there are infinite combinations of looks, shapes, sizes, colours...

...and the person who is slowly made up of those different attributes is a person with hopes and fears, dreams and aspirations, strengths and weaknesses.

In my opinion, irrespective of which physical bits each of us likes, the reason we choose to get together with somebody is personal to them in that moment in time. They'll have seen something they like, heard something that they identify with, and will then have sought the warmth of sharing the human condition with that individual for a number of yet more infinitely complex reasons.

Can some people hold the sway of sexual power over us? Let's take two people... say Kylie Minogue and David Beckham.

Do they both know how to sell their power as sexual beings? Unquestionably.

But let's take the female of the two as it's easier to convey.

If you had to sit down with Kylie for weeks and weeks and weeks, giving her a million and one reasons why she should find you attractive, and yet she kept saying 'no, thank you'...

If you then managed to get her to say 'yes' by coughing up £5,000,000,000 for the pleasure... probably wouldn't even enjoy it in the end because inside the two biggest sex organs - the brain and the heart - you'd know she didn't want to be there with you. Not really. And the little that you were able to get her to do would be cold, mechanical, lacking an enthusiasm, and fulfilling very few needs that you'd have as a human being.

In fact, the only thing that would get fulfilled that way would be - on average - around about 5.5" of your anatomy. It would be clinical, brief and unrewarding.

So, what I'm trying to get at is that the idea of promoting or persuading people to find them/someone genuinely sexually attractive is completely counter-productive.

And I don't care if you're gay, straight, male, female, into one, into both, or partial to a sheep.

Actually, the sheep reference is probably the best closing example.

If you had to chase someone around a field, catch them, then stick their hind legs into your wellingtons before you were able to have a poke...

...there's not much you'd get out of the experience and you'd probably end up feeling guilty and dirty for weeks afterwards.

So, I don't see issues of sexuality being something that people can be persuaded into.

Even on a friendship level to strike up a conversation down the pub, a spark of something has to click between two people.

And if that spark isn't there, one who might like what hasn't transpired will not be able to buy that spark of genuine reciprocation from anywhere.

Either it exists...

Amusing Bunni Saturday, 27 November, 2010  

Lots of good ideas on here. Instead of burning all their money, we should pass it around to all us good blogging pals! ;-)

Have a great weekend, Soundbite, and everyone.
I hope it's not too unpleasant out your way. I'm going to try and survive Thanksgiving weekend without getting trampled to death ;-)

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